• For Clients:
  • +91 93452 01234
  • For Candidates:
  • +91 93622 47365

Company Culture

  • Dress in whatever you are comfortable… But you need to be presentable. “Be casual to work but serious when you work.”
  • Work only 5 Days a week, 7 Hours a day. Not a minute more. But add a extra 5 hours for your breaks. LOL.
  • Punctuality is something which can’t be excused.
  • While at work, clients and candidates need to be catered to without explainations.
  • Fully sponsored outings once in every quarter.
  • Performance gets you your appraisal not the tenure.
  • Open door policy. No back biting or bitching allowed.
  • Unlimited internet access except for watching porn or hunting jobs.
  • Complete freedom to experiment without restrictions.

Corporate social responsibility

10% of all proceeds would be donated towards cancer fund.

Greener cover

We help people in purchasing saplings/seeds of Baobab tree, Varieties of Chillies, Sandalwood and red sandal and other exotic fruit trees. Please call +91 93452 01234 for more details.