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We feel that it is utterly important to induct fresh talent and innovative ideas into the workforce time and again. To fulfill that criterion we conduct compass placements. In addition to that we also provide training to students to prepare them to fit into the working module of your organization. This kind of prep-up training gives them the required exposure, thereby filling the gap between being a student and an employee. The training process is designed as per the job profile and the organizational structure. Such training structure creates workers who become an asset to the organization. Besides, it also helps students understand the demands of the industry they are going to face.

We understand that providing such training will need us to create a synchrony between the organization and the perspective employee. Our well crafted training modules help us attain that balance. This makes a student an asset worth working with.

With innovative, young and passionate minds on board success will come handy.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

The world where everyone claims to be the best, it becomes difficult to make the right decision in terms people you want to hire. Hiring can be a tricky business with a lot of hassles and risks. The Human resource is the most important and indispensible part of the entire organizational structure. Therefore to succeed in achieving the set organizational goals human resource should be a pool of hard working and talented people. It is also important that there is certain uniformity in the people who work for us. This uniformity has to be in terms of goals, way of working and thinking. Of course we always welcome diversity but that has to be built on the foundation of uniformity. We propose to get you the pool of people who are right for your business and for whom you would be the best choice. We believe that a satisfied employee will turn out to be a loyal one. Therefore we create a win-win situation here. Our RPO service can be customized as per the needs of the clients.

Choosing us will not only reduce your costs but also induct quality work force in your organization. We work in tandem with your needs so that expected results can be acquired. Finding and assembling the right people is the first right step and the most important too.

Executive Search & HR Consulting

Executive Search is most effective where the candidate population is defined and identifiable. Working at the senior management level, we establish client relationships carefully, study their corporate cultures thoroughly and analyze candidate profiles rigorously to ensure cultural compatibility and a successful match. Our approach to initially invest time and effort in completely understanding the organization's needs and evolving an agreed candidate-profile is highly appreciated.

We evaluate candidates looking at their personal and professional qualifications, potential for long-term contribution, ability to produce results and fit with the corporate culture. We listen we plan, we do our home work, we investigate and research , we initiate, we respond, we interview, we assess and we evaluate, we offer and explain, we help assimilate. We have a wide network of top level professionals and know where to find leadership talent. We work in a team, with our clients, to overcome challenges and boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries.

Background Verification

In the age where identity theft, data theft are common, back ground verification of all the perspective employees is an absolute ‘must have’. As part of creating and maintaining a healthy work force it is very important to ensure that we are in the company of right people. Isn’t there already a lot that takes up most of your time and energy? Well then, let us handle this part of recruitment process. Because to ensure that a person is fit to be a part of your team we undergo a planned series of checks. Only when we are completely satisfied do we turn the employee in your direction, thereby leaving nothing for you to worry about. Besides, our pricing policy does not put any extra burden on your pocket. This gives you another reason to choose us. We conduct all types of employee verification, from criminal verification, educational verification to employment verification.

By doing such mandatory checks an organization can ensure safe, reliable and healthy working environment. Other than saving your precious time such checks prevent and discourage date theft and cyber crime. Not only will it keep wrong people at bay but also provide opportunity to the right ones.